Thursday, July 3, 2008

What has Inspired Me?

Many people wanted to know what has inspired me to always bake and cook.... Passion perhaps!! However with further thought, I guess it is me and work... that has caused my inspiration to take on baking and cooking. As you see, working in a creative environment has always spurred me with the creative and yet hilarious ideas. My working and collaborations with various artists here has given me a push-factor to go on to create new things. I painted and sometimes draw. Needless to say, baking and cooking has become part of my art pieces too!!

I could also relate this to my outgoing and inner personality. I love adventures, I love sports especially water sports, I love things that are under the sun. Beneath the every outgoing bits of me, romantic moments are something I treasure. Isn't it romantic to bake and give someone a cake to say that you really care about him/her? Isn't it romantic to keep trying something that you are not good at and then when you master it, produce the same to someone special?? The smile you received from the your friends is the best reward of all your romantic gestures. Isn't that great!! Just like any artists or singers, the love, support and care they received from their fans begets success... for me, the very smile and thank you works likewise.

My Secret Admirer Jeff

I will continue to pursue my passion from now. My only dream at this moment is to be able to present the best cake and peranakan cooking to my secret admirer, Jeff. (He loves desserts and can really whip up a very nice whisky pancake topped with ice-cream!! It is really impressive, I must say). It is a little difficult I am sure, for he is a famous artiste and has too many fans and secret admirers. Well as the saying goes... NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO A WILLING HEART.... if you dare to dream... Yes Jeff just to let you know that I will take this challenge. Hope to meet you one day... and hope that you will see the improvement I have made day by day....

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