Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gem - Old Recipes

I looked forward to tonight's dinner with sister. She was on leave to do some shopping for CNY goodies and clothes for her kids. She told me on the phone that she was going to pass me a gem. She refused to probe on further inspite of my pestering..hmm... she got me so excited about it and I couldn't stop keeping a close watch at the time.. hour by hour seemed everlasting. Finally the most precious time has arrived.

She passed me an old blue file with lots of recipes in it. This is how it looks:

Sis used to attend lots of culinary courses in Community Centre and had gathered quite a number of recipes. She would like me to inherit it. Frankly speaking I felt really honoured and as she said I beamed like a contented cheshire cat!! I gave my usual cheeky smile and she would laugh and laugh. Anyway I am really happy to have the recipes. I kept awake for quite a while browsing through the precious recipes. Though they are really old recipes but they brought back good old memories - especially cakes that we love when we were younger.

Guess with such a fortune inheritance, it gives me better reason to step into the kitchen regularly. I hope my pounds of laziness would not stop me from pursuing my passion.

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cherry potato said...

Hi, Olivia

Can share your old recipes with me? or we can do an exchange?