Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Ming

I've made this cake for Ming. Just like me, Ming has a great weakness for chocolate. We did not have an expensive dinner... in fact, we decided to make this special day really simple... Ming said he is too old for big birthday party. He prefers to keep it simple. Well it works just perfect for me coz I don't really like expensive cuisine... so Ming suggested that he made some sandwiches while I promised him a good chocolate cake and a bottle of great wine.

We have our "little" celebration at East Coast Beach. We pitched a tent and sat under the starry night for dinner. It was great having uninterrupted conversations throughout the night - we off our handphone hee hee.... We also made long walk along the beach, having cool water running between our toes. We spent lots of time chatting and laughing at silly jokes. In the end we got so tired and rested just outside the tent... with the waves as our lullaby.

Happy Birthday Ming...

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