Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beautiful SAPA (Vietnam)

I was back to SAPA, Vietnam last month to complete my project. I spent about a week there. It was relatively cold (about 1 - 2 degree) at that time. I would say this trip to SAPA has enriched my mind and soul. Life is SAPA is so full of spirit and life even though life is hard and is always taking toll on their torsos. Somehow there is a kind of special endurance in them that makes them go on despite the hardship. I would say their openness to love, warmth and caring amongst the peasants.. mainly the H'mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes are pretty strong.

Here are some of the beautiful snaps I've taken... enjoy...

The Stream of Life to all the villagers

This smile speaks a thousand words

This little baby grabbed my paint brush and ran away thinking that it was a new toy... he is so adorable

Overlooking at the misty mountain

The little chicks and their mum... so cute right?

A very determined girl who would carry her little baby brother and would follow you till you buy something from her. I just love the spirit in her... so determine so a little mind...
Home Sweet Home - Simple but yet the best comfort

A man smoking in a bamboo pipe...

Small body but with great strenght - Carrying a fallen log for furniture making

A little kindergarten classroom where I was being entertained with folk songs... so beautiful

Grandma and Grandchild sharing a sugar cane...Must be very tasty..

Colourful robes for sale...

Gossips of the Day - Who has gotten the best bargain??

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Kyle said...

I am heading to Sa Pa this summer and plan to visit a school and demonstrate oral hygiene. Where is the school you visited located in Sa Pa? What time of the year did you visit the school?