Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Party Cupcakes

Evelyn's friend, Julia, saw the football field cake I've done for his boy and contacted me last week to make a birthday cake for his three boys. I suggested cupcakes as I'm in the cupcake mood recently too and have wanted opportunities to try designing these little treats. Julia was fine with the idea and I went ahead to bake the cupcakes - strawberry, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. I used butter-cream tinted with wilton colouring - (blue, shocking pink, purple). These are end products of my creation:

When Julia opened up the boxes, she said they looked just so pretty to be eaten. The birthday boys on the other hand, just could not wait to sink their teeth to these little treats. Well as a reward, I was invited to their birthday party. I went coz' it was a weekend and there was nothing much to do at home after church service. Got to know and chat with some new friends..which was nice. The party ended at about 5.30pm. I am glad everyone loves the cupcakes.

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Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes look so good.. Too good to be eaten:)