Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeff's Fan Club

Met up with Chereen, the leader of the club to collect the club's T-shirt and Jeff's magazine... A nice lady ..and we had a short chat about Jeff. She mentioned that the last time when Jeff was in Singapore (March), the fans met up with him and had a good time. She said they played games and chatted... hmmm games!! Haven't been playing games for a long time!! Guess if I were there, I might be abit "RUSTY"... anyway it seemed that they had a good time. She said Jeff might be in Singapore in December but is not confirmed yet. We believed Jeff would be very busy rehearsing for his concert in September.. another 20+ days. Chereen would not be going to Shanghai and as for me, a little bit difficult due to work commitment.

Gosh the magazine is all in Chinese but it is ok, there are lots of nice pictures of Jeff. Guess I have to slowly figure out what was written in the magazine.

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