Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy Busy

Have been so busy with projects, work, deadlines ..... Practically my life just evolved around, going to office, on my computer, work on my document, have short meals, continue working again... well the past weekends were not spared too.. gosh!! Finally I managed to submit what was required in my project... phew... it was as if something was lifted off my shoulder... Really it was not really good for me coz such stress kept me awake for a couple of nights having to think and ponder the right ways to get thngs done... I was lucky enough as in the midst of all this terrible stress and pressure, I have Jeff and his music as my companion. His angelic voice just calmed my nerves down. Thanks Jeff for being there for me.

Well I was getting a little upset too tho' as I have stopped doing something I have been doing - BAKING... So finally when everything was over... the very first thing I did was to take a day off.... to attend some culinary workshops and also to practise baking.

Been to the baking workshop on Saturday. This workshop is related to Christmas Gift of Food. Well something unique and very ideal. We learnt how to make three kinds of cakes - Tiramisu Muffins (very yummy, just love it), Christmas German Cupcakes and Mini Log cake. These three cakes are really good and yummy. They really made good gifts this Christmas. The instructor has even thought us how to package them and it seemed that this Christmas I am giving away food as gifts. I really like the mini-log cakes. They are really good.. especially the chocolate ganache.. and the little deco sitting on the log. Really a good eye-opener for me - well used to spend lots of money on log cakes and now... hmm hmm... I can do it and am going to practise making them. Who knows, I will have orders coming this Christmas... hee hee..

Here are the cakes I made:

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