Friday, February 27, 2009

Tang Yuen

TangYuan is always eaten during the dong zhi or winter solstice or on the last day of the Chinese new year. "Tan Yuan" in chinese sounded like family reunion is of course a very auspicious dessert to be served.

I went for a Tang Yuan Making Workshop as I love the tong yuan by Ya Mu Ling. They are just so soft and yummy mochi. I remembered grandma used to make them in pink and white and my sister and I would always keep aside the pink ones and gave all the white tang yuan to our brothers ;)

In this workshop, we learnt how to make quite a number of items:

- Amoy Special Peanut Soup - a milky sweet soup that goes very well with the tangyuen
- Tang Yuan in peanut, red bean, yam filling
- Black Sesame Tang Yuan (Thailand style) in ginger broth
- Sweet Rice Balls (Dry Tang Yuan) Hong Kong style

They are really tasty.

Here are the photos:

See how milky the peanut soup is... just yummy!!

We made them in different shapes to identify which is what... so nice right?

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