Monday, October 20, 2008

My New Toy - Bread Machine

I went shopping this weekend at Carrefour. Have not been there for quite sometime already and thought that it would be nice to just "look-see" and check it out if I could grab something worth spending. While I was browsing through some new microwave ovens in the electrical department, I came across the Bluesky Bread Machine. It was only $59 from $120 and there were only two sets left. I grabbed one "quite instantly" as if I have gotten a treasure!! I have always wanted to own a bread machine after hearing from my colleagues about the fragrant and the nice hot bread in the morning.

My new toy looks like that:

Besides making bread, this bread machine is capable of making jam, kaya, cake.... gosh so fantastic.

Finally I got an opportunity to try and test out the machine. I selected a white bread recipe... place all ingredients according to the recipe booklet given, put on the white bread mode, choose a medium crust and then pressed start... Gosh the fragrant omitting from the baking of the bread was so nice... my whole kitchen smell of fresh bread at about 1am... I bet my neighbour might be wondering what on earth I was doing at this wee hours hee hee!!

Here are the results:


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia

I got to know you from Passion about baking blog.

I bought the same toy as you too at the discount and also left 2 then! I hv not tried any of the recipe in the manual but those in other food blog.
I highly recommend the Hokiaddo milk in Angie or Happy Home Baking blog.

How is the white loaf texture? Was it soft?

I realise the crust is always very thick and hard for loaf from the bread machine.

Art of Eating said...

Welcome to the bread making journey.

Have fun !

Anonymous said...

May I know how much you pay for it? I am considering to get myself one.