Friday, November 28, 2008

Chinese Cooking Workshop

Well I don't believe that I have decided to sign up for a Chinese Cooking Workshop. I don't often cook as it is only me and one only and if I were to cook, majority of the dishes would end up with my sister's or brother's family. What's more, I have to busy myself with all the preparation before cooking. Well to put it this way, Pure Laziness ; )

What prompts me to sign up for this workshop are:

1. It is Friday and I have some spare time
2. Guess it is time to learn more chinese cooking to impress myself and my family members hee hee
3. To upgrade skills

blah blah blah..... Anyway we learn the following dishes

1. Lotus Winter Melon Soup (Ingredients used)

Soup was really good. Sweet and tasty. Good for the throat, I believe.

2. Crispy Prawns - The teacher said this dish is just perfect for Chinese New Year

Hmm!! These prawns are really crispy. Teacher never use ammonia in the batter because she said it was bad for health. We were also taught how to cut the prawns properly so that they would look horizontal after frying

3. Yi Ping Wo - Assortment of Dishes in a Bowl - Auspicious Dish for Chinese New Year.... lots of seafood, vegetables... really yummy although I don't very often love seafood

This dish is the most expensive - All the good ingredients such as Fish Maw, Abalone, Sea Cucumber etc are inside.... Well taste good tho' but seafood is not always my favourite... anyway it is an eye opener for an amateur for me.

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Pwinncess said...

Hiya! Thanks for dropping by at my blog! :) Your food looks yummy too, esp you prawns hehehe.

Do drop by at my blog again soon ^^