Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jeff Zhang's Concert DVD

My boss invited our whole division (10 of us) to his house for a social gathering. It is a pot-luck dinner and everyone has to make something or buy something. I have made Baked Honey Chicken Wings. This is one of my family's favourite food. Randy whom I have working very closely with on the current project, has brought along a roast chicken which he made. Looks really good. He came over to my place as I was driving him there. Guess what he has brought for me??? I have never imaged that... it was Jeff Zhang's concert (2006) DVD which he bought from Malaysia. I was really in cloud nine. Well if I could kiss him, I will do so everwillingly ;)

I was beaming with happiness throughout the whole night. My boss thought that I've struck lottery!!.. ha ha!!! Anyway he knew I am rather "stupid" when coming to gambling.

Thank you Randy for cheering me up.

Anyway we had a really good time socialising, drinking (I drank 2 glasses of wine) and started to get abit tipsy... luckily Randy drove me home in my car.... and well during the whole journey, though I am abit tipsy, I am still quite alert, I knew I like Randy, he is gentle, loving and fun but then we can't be together as he is only interested in guys!!

Hmm.... guess Randy is definitely not for me and Randy will never choose me too!!

This morning, Randy emailed me the following and he said he wished to dedicate this song to me:

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