Friday, October 24, 2008


Guess I don’t have to interpret how lovely sunrise could be... The beauty is undeniably rich and often explicit the greatness of God. I couldn’t stop myself from finding resemblance this awesome scenery to the beautiful painting made by Claude Monet in his studio window overlooking the beautiful habour Le Havre. From my observation in Monet’s painting, I can feel freshness, serenity, peace and a gentle touch of God’s heavenly hand on earth. Take a look at the refreshing water, the beautiful reflection of the sunrise in the water and the two people in the boat– it signifies the peaceful moment the two persons in the boat were enjoying... Away from troubles, worries... Rowing away all failures, all troubles and all problems in order to meet “sky breaking” and calming moment.

Relating Monet's sunrise to the pictures taken from my window, streaks of pink and orange peeking through the dark clouds represented every opportunities and perspectives everyone is entitled to every morning. Just as the saying goes “A new day is a new blessing. Don’t let yesterday’s failures ruin the beauty of today.” Isn’t this true? A failure of yesterday doesn’t mean a failure forever. In fact one must treats every failure a lesson to learn and make improvement from there.

I love spending sunrise in the beach. I did it almost everyday if I could.. Well I am quite an early bird... While making my “powerwalk” and having my i-pod plugged on, I couldn’t stop marvelling at such wonderful sights. To me, sunrise is a sanctuary. How I wish I could throw my “wishing stone” across the horizon, hit the half brightened sky... And then have the stone landed at “his” doorstop. I want to share with him the desires of my life, how wonderful if we could just sit down for a cup of coffee overlooking the beautiful sunrise. I want to let him know my existence.

Life is so short, and if I don’t say what is within me, I guess I am going to regret it forever. I've always asked myself "Do I have an opportunity?" Perhaps opportunity will only be realised if one gets on the feet and do it to make it happen... Yes I will do it... I want to follow my dreams.. I want to...Well strings of question happen to uncover instantly... how would "he" feel about what I am going to say? Will I be treated as just another "maniac" or crazy fan? Will he just read it and dump the letter aside thinking that I am just a silly woman? Am I being impractical for doing it?

Gosh! countless of questions which so often disheartens a willing heart. Perhaps I am already disheartened right now! Ha! A sign of disappointment suddenly cropped within my inner feeling. But coming back to the pictures I've started to remember my dreams. Sunrise gives me the courage and helps me to pick myself up. I will do it.. I must follow my dreams and I will do it somehow regardless of countless of obstacles.

Will he be touched by my sincerity? Well I don't think I want to prop any further as I do not wish to be disheartened again...

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