Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holiday in Malacca

Dad's birthday falls on national day. Well my family always said that dad was a lucky chap as the whole nation would celebrate his birthday year after year. Without doubt yes it is quite true.

I woke up pretty early on 09 August, get to my exercise route down the beach and then off to the market for my breakfast and at the same time bought a bouquet of flowers.

I chose sunflowers because they always look very cheerful and with this bouquet I wished dad a wonderful time in heaven.

Thereafter the visit to the graveyard, I left my MacBook at home, and drove all the way to Malacca to visit my cousin as well as to take a rest (it was a long weekend anyway - Saturday - Monday). Reason why I did not want to carry my laptop with me was to get some peace. Otherwise I can't stop getting things co-ordinated & done for office, friends etc..

I arrived safe and sound after a 2.5 hours drive around 4pm, checked into a boutique hotel in Jonker Street - The Hotel Puri.

My cousins were already waiting for me at the lobby. After exchanging some hugs and laughter, I was driven to their house. I was really exhausted by then but I was so happy to see my aunts and cousins + kids. I felt very very happy coz my aunt made me the best bo-bo cha cha (my favourite) and while eating, we had a good chat.

As usual their main topic - Aiyo why you still never get yourself a boyfriend yet?... sigh sigh :( and the whole story of match-making started again... It was fun listening to them trying to match-make me to their neighbour and the sons of their friends... hee hee... My usual response to them in my broken melayu would be "Aiya don't have to be so fast, if it is time, it will happen lor!!"

Anyway I enjoyed their company and guess what... I was being entertained for that day and a half by my cousins. hee hee...

So this was where I go for my makan in the evening with two of my cousins .... oleh sayang... my favourite peranakan restaurant:

I was given the "Honor" to order the food this time round and I ordered these:
Sambal Kangkong

Beanpaste Tofu

Ayam Pongteh

Otah Otah

Egg Chinculuk

Hang out in a local pub in jonker street after dinner

and then pasar malam....

I still stopped by for some dim sum

I also had my my favourite durian chedol at the jonker street:

My favourite pineapple rolls at the jonker street:

I really enjoyed myself very much... I drove back on 10 August feeling abit sad to leave this wonderful place. However to be frank, I really missed all my aunts and cousins.

Thank you darlings for the quality time.

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