Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cupcakes for 4 years old Elizabeth

Early this week, I received a call from a lady who introduced herself as my brother-in-law's colleague. She wanted me to make cupcakes for her little girl. I was a little surprised about this and did not intend to take up the order as I don't really sell cakes and worst of all, I am just an amateur!! Anyway she saw the little cakes I made for my little princess, my niece, and she likes them so much.

Anyway so as not to disappoint the little girl, I took the order... These 30 cupcakes took me about 3 hours to complete...
Here you go:

The Plain Jane Cupcakes - With No "Make-Up"

After "Make-Over" Cupcakes


A Mouthful of Muses said...

Cute cupcakes, Olivia!!

Anonymous said...


may i know where did you get your cupcakes topper from ?
hope to hear from you soon

elis (:

Olivia said...

Hi It is from Sun Lik at Seah Street.