Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having A New Hair Day

It has been a while since I last took a day leave to pamper myself. Have been working real hard on three projects and finally they were over. What a heavy burden off my shoulder!! Today I decided to take a day off from work and decided to pamper myself. I woke up really early and wanted to go for my morning work-out but it was raining. Hence, I continued to sleep till 9am.. very unusual of me. I ran some errands in the Area Office and off I went to my hairstylist, Andy of TrimRoom. For a while, I have wanted to do something to my unhealthy and tired hair. It has grown too long and messy, putting aside some white strands of hair. I have difficulty in shaping it every morning. To solve the problem, I always tied a pony-tail to keep it neat.

I must say Andy is a good hairstylist. I just told him that I need a hair cut and to add a little volume to it. Immediately he knew what I want and he did it so well that I was so amazed by his skills. Next he asked the type of colour which I wanted to tint my hair. I looked at his hair colour and found it really nice... bronze brown and bravo it really turned out good in my new hair style. Hee hee... After sitting in his salon for about 3 hours, I finally have a really good hair day. So clean and nice. I don't have to do my pony-tail again...

Thanks Andy for your fantastic styling.

Andy's Salon, TrimRoom, is located at:

Roxy Square2, East Coast Road #02-117 Tel: 8125 2880

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