Monday, July 14, 2008

Brownies with Hope of Healing

If LOVE can be described, it's not called LOVE.
If LOVE can't be described, you don't have LOVE or you've mistaken LOVE.
So what is LOVE?
LOVE transcends Space and Time.
Everyone has different kind of LOVE and different experience of LOVE.
LOVE is the most unique feeling that comes out from the HEART!
LOVE can't be described not explained! It doesn't had to!
If you made LOVE to be so, it's not LOVE.
When human made LOVE to be as they pleased, it's not TRUE LOVE as human is not perfect.
But when LOVE came from the heart, then it is a TRUE LOVE.

Tracy called at about 11pm last Thursday sobbing away telling me that this time the break-off with her boyfriend, Tim, would be the final decision. Tim has been toying with her feeling and I believed that she has tolerated enough and her limitation has come to an end! I listened and empathized with her feelings and sadness. How could Tim do such a thing to this kind soul... I kept wondering. As I listened to Tracy, I started to recall the song "Lie" by Jeff. It was exactly the same kind of situation that Tracy is facing!!

Love is just a funny thing!! It does get eroded as time passes... sometimes at an amazing speed and sometimes at a "Slow and steady" rhythm. However couples do stay together even love has eroded but couples do split and say goodbye to each other... ....

I was really upset about Tracy's fate. The next morning, I baked the above chocolate cakes with some frozen raspberries. I chose this cake because chocolate always makes people happy and raspberries represent good luck and good wishes. I gave a slice to Tracy and this cake really brings up a smile in her saddened face. I hope that this cake will let her forget about the past soon and find new love again. I knew it is difficult but again, as I always believe you ought to give it a try!!

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Maya Yunos said...

Awww...thts really sweet of you :)