Friday, August 8, 2008

Japanese Cheesecake

I was abit skeptical to try this cake as I am not good with cheesecake. However I take the challenge after gaining enough confidence from Anna and Diana. This recipe is from them but I made some alteration ;)

250g cream cheese
180g milk
50g butter

Cook these ingredients over the stove till everything melts. A handwhisk actually does a wonderful job for this. Cool mixture slightly

6 egg yolk
80g superfine flour (Original recipe calls for 60g top flour and 20g corn flour)
2tbsp lemon juice (original recipe calls for 1tbsp lemon)

Add egg yolk to the cool cheese mixture and then add in the flour and lemon juice. Handwhisk to mix well.

6 egg white
130g caster sugar (Original calls for 140g)
1/4 tsp cream of tartar (I never add it coz I have forgotten to buy it)

Whisk egg white and sugar till stiff and fold this mixture in 2 batches to the egg mixture.

Bain Marie the cake for 45 mins at 150C but I was so occupied with my work that I have forgotten to watch the cake. By 45 mins, the top starts to crack and turns abit burnt.

Overall, a fantastic cake... not too sweet.. I LOVE IT!!!

THANK YOU Diana and Anna for this wonderful cake :)

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Japanese Cheesecake (A little burnt on the top)

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