Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Mind Game

I was abit upset this morning by a comment made by a friend, Chanl whom I have known from the mediacorp forum. I started to join in the forum with the intention to know more about Jeff Zhang. I must say I have learnt quite a lot from fans about Jeff. I also came to know about how fans felt about Jeff too. However I was taken aback yesterday when Chanl wrote a very unusual thing about this guy Jame Tay Ee Meng whom she had fallen for and that the guy was so heartless to leave her alone.

Well it was not my affair nor was it my business, but I do not wish to see her hurt by her boyfriend, I tried to calm her down and offered my shoulder and listening ears if she needed it. I really meant to help her earnestly and have no other intention. I wrote this message to Chanl:

Cheer up Chanl. You still have alot of friends who are still caring for you. Losing one bad and rotten apple doesn't mean the end of everything... Cheer up my dear friend.. I have seen what you have written to Jeff just now... Jeff must be wondering what had happened!!

You know I am here if you need someone to talk to...

And this morning, her reply in the forum to me was:
Peek-a-boo...we are playing mind games on you...stop bitching..keke...we were having fun in the morning...keke

I was taken aback and felt abit puzzled... I felt very hurt with what she had written. Well I do not wish to tangle into this childish game... My sincere reply to her was:

I am not too sure what you are doing Chanl. But as requested I have already deleted whatever was written earlier. BTW, if you mean I am bitching which I hope you are not, I have to say I hv no intention to BITCH AROUND...and I hate this kind of thing. I just wish to find out more about Jeff from this forum and that's all. If you have mistaken me from here.. I will step out from the mind game you are playing. sorry I am not interested in this game.

I have made up my mind to stop my involvement in the forum from now onwards. I don’t see a point to carry on with this. It is just so childish!.. I am too old for this kind of games. I just wish to be simple, lead simple life and enjoy life to the fullest. I wrote this not because I was angry.. (well I was in the beginning) but no more now lah!! Life is too short for this kind of thing... I have to get on with life.. with my love, my passion....

Chanl, I have forgiven you for the prank you have created...... I just hope that you don't do it to someone else.

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Cookie said...

Cheer up, Olivia! There are all sorts of people in this world... and some are just too bo-liao to be playing this kindda of games... Pls don't let it affect your compassion and outlook to life! There are sooooo many things that are worthy for your causes.