Monday, October 13, 2008

Yam Rice

Invited three friends from church over for dinner. By the time our service was over, it was already 2pm. Drove them to a hawker centre nearby and we had a quick & light lunch. After that, we all proceeded to my home. Anne was all ready to be near the beach.. as she loves it so much and so was Colin, her hubby. You can imagine the whew, wow. fantastic... as their eyes wondered through the beautiful sea across my home. Well to tell you the truth, I was really proud, being the owner of this nice house with wonderful sea-view scenery.

Anyway I did a quick shopping for some ingredients at NTUC and started the challenge of cooking this dish - a one-pot meal... well none other than Yam Rice... have always been wanting to try cooking this and was happy to get a chance to do so today.. BTW I got the recipe from FengYing.

I must say the yam rice is really fragrant and nice. All my friends enjoyed them and Colin especailly had three servings of it. Hee hee... It was really fun talking and eating at the same time (well against the rule of my dad... "Don't talk when you Eat!!". After dinner, we went on a beautiful stroll along the beach. It was reallly nice and breezy. What a wonderful and relaxing Sunday evening!! I really enjoyed walking bare-footed on the warm sand. I picked up some pebbles here and there and threw them into the water... I suddenlly felt the urge of writing a note and place it in the bottle.. like those little fables I used to read when I was a little girl and hoping that someone would pick it up and read my note!! How I hope I could do likewise... write a note to Jeff and let the bottle do the job... Imagination again...Well again it doesn't harm!!

Recipe goes this way:
Ingredients A
Garlic : 4 nos. (chopped)
Shallot : 4 nos. (chopped)
Dried shrimps : 50g (washed and drained)

Ingredients B
Black mushroom : 6 nos. (soaked and cut into cubes)
Pork : 250g (sliced)
Skinned yam : 300g (cut into cubes)

Ingredients C
Rice : 2 cups (washed and drained)

Seasoning :
Salt : 1 tsp
Pepper : 1/2 tsp
Sesame oil : 1 tsp
Dark soya sauce : 1 tsp

Ingredients D
Water : 500g

1) Heat up 3 tbsp of oil over medium heat, sauté Ingredients A till fragrant
2) Add in mushroom, pork, yam and stir-fry till fragrant
3) Add in rice and seasoning. Mix well
4) Pour all mixture into a rice cooker, add in water and mix well. Cover and cook till rice become dry and cooked

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