Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tiramisu Cakes & Tiramisu Dessert

Yesterday was my colleague AC's and KK's birthday. I promised my boss that I would make her favourite Tiramisu Cake for her. I have never made one before so I follow the recipe from Alex Goh's Cake making book very faithfully. I added a little more kahlua into the cake as I felt the amount added in the recipe is not enough. Probably I have added about 5 - 6 tbsp more of kahlua... hee hee...

Here you go my masterpieces:

I fell in love with the pink checker box where I placed the tiramisu cake in.
Recipe goes this way:

1 piece of 6' chocolate sponge cake

3 egg yolk
50g sugar
250g mascarpone cheese
1 1/4 tbsp gelatine dissolved in 40ml of hot water
150g whipped cream (I used topping cream)
5-6 tbsp kahlua
Some Sponge fingers from Carrefour
Cocoa Powder

Coffee Syrup
1tbsp coffee NESCAFE Gold
3tbsp water
1tbsp kahlua

1. Beat egg yolk with sugar and double it
2. Add in gelatine into whipped cream
3. Add mascarpone cheese into whipped cream and then egg yolk mixture & mix well
4. Lay a piece of chocolate sponge cake on a 6' ring cake pan. Brush with coffee syrup. Then add in mascarpone mixture, dip sponge fingers in coffee and lay on top of the cheese mixture follow by cheese mixture and then cake sponge. Repeat step. Last layer should cheese mixture
5. Refrigerate till it is set. Before serving, dust with a layer of cocoa powder

I used the remaining cheese mixture to make tiramisu dessert served in a cup. (same method)

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Anonymous said...

This is my fav. In fact I just had one last night.

Ur tiramisu looks good! I think I own the same Alex Goh book but I have never thought to try out thisrecipe coz to me the recipe seems very complicated.

U did it, well done!