Friday, February 6, 2009

Nonya Chicken Wings Goreng

The fun part about attending a pot-luck party is an array of dishes which one can savour. Everybody will take only a small portion of each dish when there are many from which to choose. Besides it is a good way of recognising who is good at what dish and a great way to strike a conversation & discussion on how this or that food was prepared.

Well I was invited by my colleague to a potluck party at East Coast Park and have already "registered" with her that I will be bringing Fried Nonya Chicken Wings.

Here is the pot of chicken wings marinated in rich spices. Have to do so overnight to ensure the best taste:

The final products after the "goreng"

Recipe goes this way:

20 chicken wings

Ingredients to be grinded
4 lemongrass
2 red chillies
5 garlic
4 shallots
1 big onion

Ingredient A
4tbsp sugar
1tbsp tumeric powder
2tsp belacan
2tbsp corn flour
2tbsp plain flour
80g coconut milk
80g tamarind with 200g of water

1. Add Ingredient A to the grinded ingredients
2. Marinate chicken wings with No. 1 overnight
3. Deep fry the chicken wings

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Ah Shui said...

Wau, looks simple and delicious. Just like it.