Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best Thing to Do

I've done the most irrational thing this month. I think I was a little too childish. It always leaves me feeling very upset and lonely because I can't follow what my heart has asked me to. It isn't fair to me. I've tried and tried but I have not gotten any news yet. I do not know how much longer I should carry on feeling disappointed but somehow I have to set my foot down and made a rational decision. I have to look forward to many things...I have to get on with life..... I am sorry but I have to do so. Honestly speaking, I will not leave instantly but I will put this to a pure miniumum and have a slow transition back to reality. Though I will be sad but I know I will pick myself up in time to come.

Thank you for making me understand the different angles of love.

Today will mark the 1st day of my slow absence ....31 March.....

This song, I believe, will make you understand why:

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