Monday, June 28, 2010

MiSsiNg OuT

..although this is not the first. Please pardon my long absence. My life has recently been full of activities and I just simply have much time to move myself to taking and editing photos and also I found out that I have less time to update this precious blog of mine as regularly as I used to do so.

Well don't get me wrong - I am not going to simply just tuck this blog aside and leave it in the cold storage. Nope absolutely not! It is just that I would do so whenever I find the time to update my blog, In fact I am a little guilty already... I've actually spent lesser and lesser time in the kitchen... although I have so many wish-list. So sad... :(

On a happier note, I've managed to meet up with some good friends in London and Malaysia whom I have not met for a couple of years. We had great time together gossiping, having tea, laughing, crying etc. I'll be spending more time overseas in the next two to three months and hopefully I would be able to spend some time baking and cooking in the apartment I have rented.

Coming forward with more updates.......

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