Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To Marry Or Not To Marry

I have been so bothered by this.... mum kept pestering me almost every week I believe....well that is because I am the only one left at the rack (that's what mum always said).... Frankly speaking I am rather speechless cwhen coming to this topic.. Ha ha the thought of being an old maiden starts flashing to my mind..lol...
My point of view over this... I don’t think I would want to get marry for the time being...to me getting marry is an expensive affairs especially when one has to spend tons of money on party, dinner, wedding gowns..(long list of stuff) and when it is not getting the smooth sail, divorce is another expensive affair... Am I getting a little pessimistic and started to have take the gloomiest possible view in life... Hope I am not :(

Actually I am just happy as I am now..independent, happy go lucky and full of freedom..but I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I am very lonely...guess you can have the best of both worlds. When I told mum that I am going to just live with a man who I love and be happy with the relationship... I have to keep explaining to her that being married is just a paper certification and does not mean anything if both parties are full of quibbles, nitpicking all the time and pettifogging over trivialities...what’s the point..
Well this makes her almost fainted..”how can you possible do that. Cannot.. I won’t allow that! Your dad is going to get upset with you when you meet him in heaven...” wow wow.wow..I can’t say much at this point..Really dad is going to get extra upset with her girl being so liberal... Really I do not wish to upset my parents but I just have phobia over life after marriage...I have seen so many broken marriages, the sadness, the agony and the stress my friends and their kids have undergone and I always mutter of a prayer of thanks that I am still single :)

My thought over marriage might change as I get into my years, perhaps. But right now, just boyfriend and staying together is my plan. Nevermind if mum frowns and sulks over this thought, but I believe both mum and dad will agree with me one day...hopefully


CaThY said...

Yeah, I agreed with you totally! Marriage not only involves 2 person but 6 persons (both side parents)in total! Quite frustrating at times ;P
After you get married, your mum will start asking you when are you going to have a kid.... :P

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Well, everyone has their own opinion about marriage. Some also calls it as compromising. I too didn't wanna get married at first. But then things changed when I met my darling Hubby. We entered the wedlock and now happily living with 2 kids.

It's totally upto you. I wish you all the very best in your life! ;)