Monday, October 27, 2008

A Beautiful Love Song - A Snowing Border (下雪边界)

下雪边界 is a beautiful song with very meaningful lyrics. Well after much struggles, I managed to gather the meaning of the song:

Love resembles a recarnation - It is like a cycle of being together and falling out of love which is so often part & parcel of a love life and none can actually depict if it is right or wrong
By fate we happened to meet each other
I tried very hard to learn to love you coz I wished to give you the best
I was so engrossed with this learning that I have forgotten about the time, the day and night and I have forgotten that you have your own opinion and that you have the freedom to choose your way
However you left without a trace and have forgotten about the effort I put in loving you.
You have never turned back at all. Ever since you have left, you have taken my life away too.
I've never hindered you even if you have treated me this way although I am lost, lifeless like a lonely soul being deserted within the cold and bitter winterland where the tears I shed somehow became icy snow.

Even if time would drown away my sorrow and turned them into dust, I want to reassure you that I have never regretted loving you and if one day, you became so weary of your ways and decided to return to me, I will always be there to receive you with a loving hug.

Isn't this a wonderful song? People can do anything for love.. I reckoned that the writer of this song was so deeply in love that he is willing to forgive and forget the past if ever his love would return to him. To me, it is so touching. I have never been in real love after my first. Perhaps I was too deeply wounded but I am willing to try again now.

As the starry nights slipped in, I can't help asking - Do you know of my existence?

Just as the song goes, if I ever would love again, I would envelope it with all my love and cherish every moment of it. Will I get a chance?

爱情是怎样的轮迴 聚和散沒有错与对
如此沉醉 相依相隨 人海之间 和你相会
关于爱我用心的学 总想给你最真最美
忘了时间 分不清黑夜 忘了你会 自由的飞
你头也不回 不在乎 爱你是誰
我无从拒绝 迷失在 下雪边界
你头也不回 带走了 我的一切
从此我的心 荒蕪在 下雪边界 (淚成雪)
看往事 幕幕成灰 相信我 爱你不悔
有一天 当你飞得心碎 我会给你
最多安慰 有我张开双手将你包围

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