Friday, October 17, 2008

Mixed Fruit Cake Loaf 2

I tried the mixed fruit loaf cake one more time and this time I was watching the cake like a hawk ensuring that my "Prey" was in good shape!! Also I follow all the ingredients exactly except that I added additional mixed fruits...

Here is my beautiful Mixed Fruit Loaf Cake:

Recipe goes this way:
3 eggs
100g mixed fruits soaked with 2 tbsp rum (I soaked it fo half an hour)
90g bread flour
90g top flour
140g butter
100g sugar

1. Beat butter with sugar till light and fluffy. Add in beaten eggs.
2. Add in the two flour.
3. Lastly add in soaked fruits with whatever rum that is left
4. Bake in a loaf pan at 175C for 45mins


Let's masak said...

Hi Olivia,

Your fruit cake looks good, very beautiful colour. It is quite dense right? Does it taste like butter pound cake?

I also happen to bake fruit cake yeasterday, my first one. haha.

I still have some mixed fruits maybe will try your recipe one of these days :).

Missy said...

ur cake looks good here!