Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ultimate Chocolate Chips Muffins

Thanks to my blog's buddy, Wen of Wen's Delight... I could not resist these wonderful chocoholic muffins. After one and half week of crazy + busy time at work, I am given half a day off and you can imagine my sweet grin stretching from ear to ear. Well have been on junk food and sandwiches for the past few lunches hence meeting my friends for lunch tomorrow would be, I considered, a heaven... hee hee..

Armed with a good mood plus surprises for my friends, I whipped up these muffins. I would say these muffins are beautiful. Really moist and yummy. Well "ultimate" is a name well deserved for them. You will not miss the chocolate chips in every bite. They are practically all over the muffins. Goody goody... thanks Wen for this wonderful recipe.

I packed them in IKEA's containers (comes in a pack of 3) - 2 muffins in each container:

Recipe goes this way:

170g Self-raising flour
70g Cocoa powder
1/2tsp Baking soda
180g chocolate chips
200g Sugar
2 Eggs
240g Buttermilk
120g Melted butter
1tsp Vanilla paste

Preheat oven at 180 degree C.
1. Sift (A) into a bowl. Stir in (B).
2. Whisk (C) and pour into (1). Mix with a balloon whisk.
3. Scoop mixture into a muffin cup and top with chocolate chips if you want.
4. Baked at 180 degree C for 20mins.


Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Can't wait to see the photo of the Ultimate muffin haha.

May I know where did u buy ur buttermilk? If u are getting from supermarket please let me know which section ok? I can't find in locak supermarket.

ganache-ganache said...

Hi Olivia, thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad to find another baking 'kaki' :) I like Jeff's songs a lot too ! Oh re the cookie monster cake, I've used the piping tip with small holes, the one u use to pipe grass, not sure what's the tip no. called though.

Olivia said...

Hi Cook.Bake.Love I got the buttermilk from cold storage... you can find it together with the sour cream section.


Olivia said...

Hi Ganache-ganache
Thanks for the info. I will whizz off to Phoon Huat to check with them
Tks for responding.