Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Farewell Chocolate Cake

My colleague,Chillyl, told me this morning that she tendered her resignation last month and would be leaving end of this week after all her leave offset. I was a little shock upon hearing the news n at the same saddened by it. On the other hand I am happy that she has decided to move on to a greater responsibility and of course her career path. It is just a mixed feeling all jumble up like 'rojak'. I told myself that I have to get Chillyl a farewell gift and to pass it to her by tomorrow. I have the slightest idea of any perfect gift at all until on my way home-A Cake will be the best since Chillyl always sing praises of my butter cakes to her other colleagues.

This evening I started baking a vanilla sponge cake and took out whatever ingredients I have in the fridge to decide how to decorate it. I cheated a little by googling for a nice cake decoration but somehow given up since many of those require some decorative items or ingredients which I do not have on hand. Somehow I managed to do up quite a decent and presentable cake at last. Hippy.... Here it is. All the best to u Chillyl in your future endeavour.

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Cheah said...

Hi, so nice of you to drop by my blog. This cake looks gorgeous, and I'm sure your friend will be so touched by your kind gesture.