Monday, February 21, 2011

A Valentine Chocolate Cake for My Love

On 13 February, my nephew and nieces came over to my place (as usual) for their weekend gathering, and started posing me this question – What Does Valentine mean to you? I was taken aback for a moment not because it is a very difficult question to answer but a little surprise that have not given this question a serious thought at all. In return, I cheekily asked them what it meant and their responses ranges from buying gifts to show you care, buying your girlfriend or boyfriend something they always wanted to the is a time where daddy and mummy have the time to hug and kiss each other...ha ha..

Frankly speaking, I do agreed with their responses, but somehow I am wondering why loved ones are given roses, gifts, hugs and kisses only on valentine day? Anyway I believe it is a good day for couples, who have always taken each other for granted, to realise that they are indeed being loved and cared by their other half.

Valentine is all about love and romance hee hee... Perhaps as years go by, Valentine Day brings about a different meaning in me. I used to sulk and got upset when I didn't get a date or a bouquet during valentine...well no longer now... Why? Perhaps valentine day is just another ordinary day and life still goes on without much interruptions!! This year He and Me are not spending valentine day together due to work commitment. However, we know that we have each other in our hearts and we know love is still burning in our heart.. Well it sounded a little cheesey and mushy... Ha ha... Nevermind... I know it is way past valentine day now but to me everyday is valentine day because my heart grows fonder and fonder of him each day.. ... I believe he knows it... I did not send anything special over to him this year. He always said not to waste money buying things for him as he would get them when he needs them... I do agreed with him somehow... So this valentine day, I bake him a chocolate mud cake... He did not get a chance to taste it now (how I hope I could just freight over this lovely cake) but I knew he would be very touched by this simple act..I am sure... So here is my cake to dearest

Recipe goes this way:
For the Cake
210g dark chocolate (I used 70% cocoa strength)
170g butter (I used SCS)
82g caster sugar
150g Self Raising Flour
1/2 tsp Baking soda
25g cocoa powder
2 eggs
1tbsp coffee liquor (I used Kahlua)
1tbsp vanilla paste

For the Frosting
130g butter
160g chocolate (60% of cocoa strength)

How to go about doing it:
1. Melt butter and chocolate together. Once melted, add in kahlua and vanilla essence. Let it cooled till lukewarm.
2. Mix flour, soda and cocoa powder together using a handwhisk. Then add in melted chocolate mixture and mix well. Do not be alarmed if you see the mixture is a little grainy and lumpy.
3. Whisk eggs and sugar till fluffy. Add into the flour mixture in No. 2 and whisk till smooth.
4. Pour into a 7' heart shape pan and bake 1 hour at 150C
5. For Frosting - Melt butter and chocolate. Cool slightly and refrigerate for about 10 mins till it is thick enough to spread.
5. Once the cake is cooled down, slice horizontally and sandwich with frosting and decorate cake

1. Make sure that the eggs are beaten till fluffy before adding to chocolate mixture
2. I made a mistake in separating the cake into 2 pieces. I made some reading on this cake and found out that this step has to be done very carefully as the cake is very fragile...Since this cake is already very rich, there is no necessity to actually enhance its richness :)
3. Overall the cake is just heaven... Yummy Yummy :0)

I have submitted this post to "Aspiring Bakers #4: Love In The Air! (Feb 2011)", hosted by (Cuisine Paradise) at this link HERE

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