Monday, February 21, 2011

Fruit Platter Cake

I was tasked to bake a cake filled with lots of fruits for my brother in law's colleague. I only knew that this guy loves fruits and could have only fruits for lunch sometimes... well sis teased me that he would be a perfect guy for me since I also shared his passion... hee hee... well I would be introduced to him one day... my brother in law promised me this in spite of my strong resistance... anyway, for the sake to make someone happy... especially on his birthday, I put my heart and soul to do it...

Well what are the difficulties I encountered in the midst of baking and decorating the cake... actually it is the spreading of fresh cream on the cake... i am not good at it as yet... but it is still manageable. Sponge cake making is easy.. i just bought the ready made sponge mix and bake accordingly. For the border decoration, I just keep practising on the wall of the cake board a few times till I am confident before I transfer this confidence onto the perimeter of the cake hee hee...Well a little imagination and creativity is all one need in decorating this cake....ta da... here it is:

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CaThY said...

Nice fruit cake! ;)