Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meat Ball Linguine

Happy Labour Day to all. Today is going to be a great day as Jeff will be holding his new concert "I Saw" based on his new album "genesis" in Beijing tonight. It is such a pity that I cannot make it to Beijing to watch him but well Jeff will know that I am supporting him here in Singapore ;)

Today I have my little nephews n niece here. I brought them to the beach for bicycle ride and by the time they are done with their shower after their vigorous exercise, they were justas hungry as bears ;). Well I don't have much food stored in my fridge so the only meal I could storm up would be meat ball linguine.

Here is the recipe:
Meat Ball
300g minced chicken
5 water chestnut
Dash of salt
1tsp black pepper
2tbsp Cornflour

Marinate the meat for an hour.

Tomato based sauce
350g Prego Fresh Mushroom pasta sauce
Dash of salt
Dash of coarse black pepper
3tbsp sugar (this depends on the sweetness u want)
100-150g shredded cheddar cheese
1 bay leaf
120-150g water

The Steps
1. Roll the marinated meat into balls. Fry them till cooked.
2. Cook linguine till well done. Stir in some olive oil and leave aside.

3. Sauté some chopped garlic with olive oil and pour in pasta sauce, water and bay leaf. Let mixture boils. Once boil add in meat balls and cheddar cheese and seasoning. I added some hot dog slices as requested by the hotdog lovers.
4. Arrange linguine in plates and pour pasta mixture over linguine and serve with some chopped English parsley if you wish. Emm....yummy!

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